Expertise Swiss Experts Certifcation SA ISO 17024 / SEC 02.1 Accidents do not just happen, they are caused. As consultants, we clarify the facts of the accident, identifying the causes and their concatenation. We set the legal framework, showing the responsibilities of those involved, and evaluate chains of events and system deficiencies. Our reports are based on legal requirements, policies and standards.

Prevention on accidents

In order to prevent accidents, we develop from our examinations practical and reasonable recommendations. Insurances, courts and legal offices count on our expertise. Thomas Amrein, safety engineer, is certified by the Swiss Certification Experts SA (SEC), with headquarters in Lausanne, as a technical and scientific expert, in compliance with the standard SEC 02.1

Certified Expert

The certificate with certification number 0075 stands for our competence, experience and independence in the field of mechanical engineering and accident analysis.